Jose Perozo (Vigo, 1978) cursed sculpture studies at Mestre Mateo (Compostela) and Stage Machinery and Set Building at Escénica (Granada).

Located in Santiago de Compostela since 1998, works designing and building scenographies and sets for multiple theater, TV and film production companies.

In 2017 inaugurates Bastións at the Igrexa da Universidade (Compostela), an exhibition with 24 sculptures of a clear theatrical and scenographic influence presented in an industrial and oniric language.

In 2018 presents Bastións II at Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia (Vigo), a continuation in the same creative line to his previous individual exhibition.

In 2019, as a result to the artistic residence at Fundación Eugenio Granell (Santiago), presents Fragmentaria, a new working line delving into the construction of the human body in an architechtural light.

In 2020 exhibits at Coimbra's PO.RO.S museum (Portugal) Entre o volume e o plano, a joint exhibition along painter Eduardo Ortún.

In 2021 inaugurates HABITAR at La Doce gallery (Boiro), a synthesis of his previous work on the way to build one's own body.

Already in 2022, takes part in the Hybrid Art Fair, a contemporary art fair part of the Semana del Arte de Madrid (Madrid art's week). He also takes part in group exhibitions as Existir in Ciudad Real and in Espacio Beny in Vigo.

During these years he also takes part in various events as the Gois-Oroso Arte or the Bienal de Arte no Morrazo, participates in group exhibitions as Retratos con Alegoría along J. Méndez or Tres Tristes Artistas at Casa das Peritas de Fisterra and works with galleries such as José Lorenzo e Catro Gatos (Compostela), La Doce (Boiro), Isadora (A Coruña) and Espacio Beny (Vigo).